How to get to Morro de Sao Paulo?

Morro de São Paulo is a magical place where you can find tranquility for those who want to settle down and also have options for those who prefer to party. A town in the municipality of Cairú, Tinharé archipelago, consisting of 5 paradisiacal beaches around 26 wonderful islands to visit. Restaurants by the sea with easy access with very affordable prices and a multitude of tours to do. In this article we will discover the possible ways to go to Morro de São Paulo safely, leaving Salvador and curiosities about this wonderful little piece of paradise.

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It is an island that attracts many tourists from all over the world, as it is a charming place where nature has gifted with beautiful beaches. Located exactly at the northeast end of Tinharé Island, in the Atlantic Ocean, 64km south of Salvador na Costa do dendê, an important tourist area in the state, also comprising mangroves, rivers, lagoons and even waterfalls.

Undoubtedly, Morro is a cozy and welcoming island with its beaches with palm trees, such as the first beach, known for the strong surf, and the second beach, full of restaurants and inns that satisfy the different tastes of tourists. The Tapirandu fortress, now in ruins, was built in the 17th century and overlooks the sea. In the city, the church of Nossa Senhora da Luz has an ornate wooden altar.

Three Ways to go to Morro de São Paulo

Basically, there are only 3 ways to go to Morro de São Paulo in a safe and practical way: Via Semi-Terrestrial Transport, catamaran transport or direct speedboat and Air Taxi. We will explain each of these forms of transport on how to go to Morro de São Paulo in this article.


Como ir para Morro de São Paulo, Catamarã ou Lancha e Semi Terrestre


Crossing Via Semi Terrestrial to Morro de São Paulo

It is a daily transfer, which does not depend on weather variations, it is a service carried out by the company LRC Brisa, with 5 departure times and 5 return times to Salvador

This type of transport is characterized by being a more relaxed trip, without facing the open sea and you won't have to worry about experiencing seasickness.

Salvador / Morro de São Paulo Semi-Terrestrial (IDA)

05:00 05:00 06:00
08:40 08:30 10:00
11:30 11:00 12:30
14:30 14:00 15:30
16:15 16:00 17:30
R$ 130,00 R$ 130,00 R$ 130,00



Morro de São Paulo / Semi-Terrestrial Salvador (VOLTA)




Catamaran to Morro de São Paulo (DIRECT)

There are three companies that make the crossing to Morro de São Paulo directly by boat or catamaran, Biotur, Ilha Bela and Farol do Morro. The boats leave every day, but the ideal is to buy your ticket in advance with us from Turismo Interno, because even in low season, there may be queues or even not having the ticket at the time you planned. The value of the tickets is set by AGERBA and supervised by the Terminal Náutico da Bahia, being a single value for all companies. The estimated duration for the crossing from Salvador to Morro de São Paulo is 2 hours and 30 minutes, which may vary depending on weather conditions. Each vessel has a capacity of 80 to 128 seats. Currently, due to covid-19, distancing rules are respected in order to avoid agglomerations.

Catamaran Biotur

The Biotur Catamaran has padded seats, air conditioning, television, on-board service and exclusive space for luggage, in addition to all the necessary safety features, such as a compass, GPS, radio communication, life jackets and first aid kit. Everything to guarantee you and your family a comfortable, safe and peaceful trip.

Catamaran Ilha Bela

The Catamaran “Ilha Bela III” With a capacity for 95 passengers comfortably seated, its structure offers two floors for passenger accommodation, with tables in the central internal area, padded benches, on-board service, two bathrooms and exclusive spaces for luggage. The Catamaran “Ilha Bela III” crosses the waters of the Atlantic Ocean daily to Morro de São Paulo, in a crossing that takes an average of two hours. Capacity: 95 passengers, engine: 02 Mercedes engines with 290 HP, Speed: 17 knots (cruise), Environments: 04 (bow, stern, center, luggage compartment).

Catamaran from Salvador to Morro de São Paulo Schedules and Prices (IDA)

08:30 ILHA BELA R$ 138,70
09:00 BIOTUR R$ 138,70
10:30 ILHA BELA R$ 138,70
13:00 FAROL DO MORRO R$ 138,70
14:30 BIOTUR R$ 138,70



Morro de São Paulo to Salvador Catamaran or Speedboat Schedules and Prices (VOLTA)

09:00 FAROL DO MORRO R$ 127,70
11:30 BIOTUR R$ 127,70
13:30 ILHA BELA R$ 127,70
14:00 ILHA BELA R$ 127,70
15:00 BIOTUR R$ 127,70



Taxí Aéreo para Morro de São Paulo

Flights to Morro de São Paulo are made by air taxi departing from Salvador, from Luís Eduardo Magalhães International Airport.

It is only 25 minutes of route with beautiful landscapes. Also, you don't need to check in, like regular airlines. However, due to limited hours, it is necessary to buy your ticket in advance.

The air taxi to Morro de São Paulo lands on the third beach on the Fazenda Caeira runway with the company Addey Taxi Aéreo or on the fourth beach from where the company RR Aviantion (Aero Star Taxi Aéreo) takes passengers with the vehicle to a support point located on the Second Beach called “Hotel Reception” from there customers go to their inns or hotels.

The return from Morro de São Paulo to Salvador with Addey Taxi Aéreo has to go to the airstrip of Fazenda Caeira 40 minutes before the flight, access to the runway is by walking because it is closer to the village of Morro de São Paulo.

For those traveling with the Aero Star Taxi Aéreo departing from the fourth beach, the meeting point is at the hotel reception on the second beach at the back of the Vila das Pedras inn 1 hour before the flight, from there the company car leaves that will take passengers to the landing strip.

Landing in Salvador is done at Luis Eduardo Magalhães International Airport in the air taxi hangar from there, a short 5-minute car transfer is made by the air taxi company to the airlines departure hall.

opening hours and prices

The air taxi service is suspended for the time being, the forecast for the return of the service with new schedules is scheduled for the month of December 2022. If you want to travel on that date, contact us to keep you informed about this and other services.